Gary Willard

With over 30 years of construction experience on his resume, Gary Willard brings a knowledgeable eye to every project he oversees. His education coupled with experience in nearly every aspect of construction is what drives all of his projects towards success.

Starting out as an Estimator, Mr. Willard learned to schedule accordingly, get a clear picture of the project, and plan ahead for unforeseen obstacles. He used those skills to quickly advance to Project Manager where he has gone on to lead his team on over 30 projects across the country. Having a solid background in education-related projects such as expansions and additions, Mr. Willard has mastered the art of working with the most demanding of schedules and variable construction environments.

Journeyman Construction is happy to have Gary Willard head up the Coastal Region Division based in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Bachelor of Science
Civil Engineering
Texas A & M University
College Station, Texas