Austin, Texas

98 units
180,000 sf

September 2006


BDA 555, LTD


The 5 Fifty-Five project was logistically challenging, but those challenges led to teamwork, long-reaching partnerships and the sense of a job well done. Proper project management was critical to coordinate material procurement, subcontractor scheduling and crews and maintaining the budget. The construction of the 98-unit condominium project on nine separate floors of the 32-story high rise building occurred within the confines of a fully operational luxury hotel. Because of project staging limitations, all construction material had to be taken up to the individual floors in elevators and distributed to each work area daily. Communication and coordination were both key factors in that successful partnership.

With upward of 175 workers on-site at any given time, safety was always a top priority. The maintenance of clean work spaces, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and coordination of crew work areas was a major component in this project’s safety plan.

Each unit was specified with high-end cabinets, appliances and interior finish materials. Quality workmanship and installation brought these elements together in a stunningly beautiful finished product. As the project progressed, the condos were put on the market, and sold. As closing dates approached and completion deadlines became critical, our team came through time and time again and tenants moved-in on schedule.


* The project was completed through our multi-family construction affiliate, All Star Speciality.