San Antonio, Texas

96 Rooms
3 Acres

May 2007


Baywood Hotels Texas

The project consisted of a 96 room new construction hotel located on a three-acre parcel. Journeyman worked very closely with the Owner to ensure that the end product of the design build was not only up to the Owner’s but to Journeyman’s as well.

Like most hotels, the exterior is as important as the interior and Journeyman worked tirelessly to make the exterior appealing, easily sustainable and eye catching. Journeyman oversaw the data wiring of the hotel to not only blanket the entire site with customer accessible Wi-Fi but also to meet the Hotel’s business needs.

While Journeyman worked directly with the Owner on the project, we also had to follow the rules and regulations set out by Marriott International. This required extreme focus and preparation on Journeyman’s behalf to make all parties involved happy and deliver and outstanding project.